Lecturer:  Teresa Toldy, PhD – toldy@ufp.edu.pt


Objectives: To provide the student with information on some of the relevant authors in the field of globalization, global citizenship and cosmopolitanism. Students will have the opportunity to develop a personal synthesis on the mentioned topics by establishing a link between the thought of these authors and current problems in the field of citizenship, both at local and global level.

The course will take a philosophical and sociological approach to the questions of new forms of belonging and not-belonging resulting from globalization and will seek to contextualize this problematic in the debate on new forms of power and of participation. It will also seek to discuss the concept of “global citizenship” and “local citizenship” from philosophical, political and sociological point of view, by referring to some of the main authors in the field.

Evaluation: Continuous/tutorial evaluation: Evaluation will be a continuous process where class participation in discussions will be added to the students’ own research and production of one paper.



  1.  “When a butterfly flaps its wings…”: Global Webs and Local Ties
  2. Local and global communities, local and global belongings: discourses on power, inclusion and exclusion
  3. Multiculturalism, Interculturalism, Cosmopolitanism: Discussing Perceptions, Advantages and Disadvantages
  4. "Challenges to forms of global and local citizenship": Final Debate (arguments for and against)