Portuguese Archaeological Cultures

Lecturer:  Professor Francisco Reimão Queiroga - frquei@ufp.edu.pt

Lecture hours:  8 hours

Objectives:  To provide the student with basic knowledge on both historical facts and material evidence regarding “Castro” culture, its characteristics and profound changes under Roman influence, and its contribution to Portuguese culture.  Students shall be acquainted with the subjects presented through lectures and media made available, and further visits to archaeological sites and museums within the region.

Evaluation:  Continuous/tutorial evaluation:  Evaluation will be a continuous process where class presence and participation in discussions will be added to the students’ own research and production of one written essay.


1.    The past, the mythical past, and national identities
1.1.   The nature of the warrior and the symbolism of war
1.2.   The Celts, the Lusitanians and Viriato
1.3.   Social organization of Callaicans
1.4.   Roman conquest and Roman reforms
2.     The territory and settlement
2.1.    Castro: a place to live
2.2.    General architectural plan
2.3.    Public spaces and utilities
2.4.    Houses and dwelling structures
     Day life and its utensils
3.1.     Ceramics: production, forms and functions
3.2.     Metal tools and metallurgy: from household to battlefield
3.3.     Pre-Roman and Roman glass: expressing luxury
3.4.    Jewelry and body ornaments