Portuguese Culture & Visual Representation

Lecturer:  Paula Mota Santos,  PhD  -  pmsantos@ufp.edu.pt

Objectives: Departing from the centrality of the image in present day modernity the course will be dedicated to the presentation and analysis of a set of selected 'Portuguese culture' themes.
The themes will be centered on spaces that the students will be visiting during their summer course.
These will be either spaces directly linked to PC&VR such as Porto's Old City (an UNESCO's World Heritage Site) and the Portuguese national identity themed park of Portugal dos Pequenitos in Coimbra, as well as spaces visited within other subjects part of the Summer Course.

Evaluation: The course is designed a 'hands-on' learning model (and thus, it will allow the possibility of the use of UFP's TV-Lab facilities) and it is expected that the students' contributions based on their field trip visits will assume forms such as a photo collages, video-diaries, short documentaries, blogs, podcasts, etc.
These works will be displayed in the course's webpage, and thus can be used by the students to share their experience and work within their digital social networks.

Program: In the first half of the course the students will be offered a brief theorectical introduction to issues of Visual Representation and presented some case studies related to Porto identity.
The second half will be constructed around the student's own contribution and construction of a image-based (photography and/or film) representation of their own intercultural experience as visitors to Portugal.